Accident between two vessels in suez canal 29/09/2014 in portsaid

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  1. Насколько я знаю, есть ограничения по массе и расстоянию между расходящимся кораблями . Иначе они притягиваются друг к другу независимо от изначального направления движения. Как магниты

  2. This is why checking your blind spot before merging into the other lane is important!

    It is interesting that there is no final Investigation report that I can find on the internet concerning the event. Most posted (a few weeks/months) after the incident suggest that the MV Colombo Express suffered a failing in its hydraulic steering system. This failure, combined with the suction (banking) effect of the passing MV Maersk Tanjong (blue ship) caused the Colombo to be steered/pulled into the Tanjong.

    The Tanjong was travelling 14knots (fast for the Canal), while the Colombo was at 10knots. The shallow water would cause a suction effect as water flows into the "void" behind the ships—with the Tanjong travelling a few miles per hour faster, this suction (banking, I believe it is called) could have pulled the Colombo. If it was a steering failure, that same suction could have had a negative effect on the rudder, which could have contributed to the failure in the steering mechanics.

    This is speculation—as noted, I am having a hard time finding anything beyond preliminary accident reports, with no final report stating what the cause of the accident was.

    The suction type event, by the way, almost caused a collision between the RMS Titanic and the SS City of New York, when the passing Titanic pulled the New York off her moorings while she (Titanic) was leaving port.

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