Experts Break Down the Self-Driving Uber Crash

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24 commentaires sur “Experts Break Down the Self-Driving Uber Crash”

  1. The car forensics specialist Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Kaefer, M.Sc. has requested the original video of the Uber-Volvo accident in Tempe, Arizona (USA) dated March 19th 2018 from the local police. It shows the accident of the Uber-Volvo where a pedestrian was killed. Thomas Kaefer has evaluated the video and additional sources as part of his research work Car-Forensics. He comes here in part to completely different statements than the police reports and the media coverage. In fact, he was able to prove that the pedestrian had not suddenly stepped out of a shadow and that the accident was anything but inevitable for man or machine. The situation at the scene of the accident was not nearly as dark and unclear as the strikingly dark video is supposed to make you believe. The video has been at least once lossy copied and rendered negligent or even deliberately darker. The vehicle has moved within the allowed speed limit of 45 mph and thus not – as reported incorrectly – committed a speed violation. However, it was at the time of the impact 45 mph and not as claimed 40 mph fast and has accelerated independently immediately after the accident. The human driver on board whose job was to monitor the fully automated vehicle did not look at the road at least six seconds before the impact and was apparently distracted. She could have easily avoided the accident by early intervention (braking and / or avoiding). Apparently, however, the sensor systems of the vehicle have failed. The pedestrian must have been identified as an obstacle on collision course at least 4.5 seconds and 80 meters before the accident (stopping distance at this speed max. 54 m).

  2. The car is programmed to run over things of a certain size. Is it going to estop at maximum rate for a mouse? How about a bird? How about a squirrel? How about a cat? How about a dog? How about a 2 year old child? How about a baby? Where is the threshold, uber? How about a person? HOW ABOUT A CHILD, UBER? DOES YOUR CAR KILL BABIES?

  3. The last slide of this video says it all…"This incident is still under review, and Uber has said it is cooperating with investigators"

    Like they have a choice?
    Incident? This product failure leading to Death is an "incident". A total and utter failure of their product which should NOT have been on a public roadway is an "incident"?
    At best this is an Accident, at worse a horrible case of negligence leading to death. A failure which in all likelihood was known or should have been.

    I mean WHAT are they testing these vehicles for anyway? If they are totally fail-safe then why are they not already driving passengers? If this is some requirement imposed on them by the State of Arizona then what is the thinking on that decision? "see if they work and don't kill anybody?"

    So now you have the catastrophic failure, now what? blame the deceased?

    What would be amazing is if information comes out that 99% of the miles these silly cars run are is in isolated areas with very tiny windows of risk factors. Done so to satisfy some State requirement of "miles driven" as some proof their cars work. Who seriously believes this location is a good test of the cars abilities? Put that sucker downtown and see how it performs. Based on this wreck I suspect these cars are not even close to being ready for the road. As such, what is going on here really? Is this some "Space Race" project vs Waymo? If you ask me it sure looks like it. Which makes the whole thing even that more creepy.

  4. The entire selling point of self driving cars is that people are human and humans makes mistakes. It was a human mistake for this lady to be crossing the street at night like she did. But isn’t the point of having all the technology in the self driving car was so that it could react in time to save this woman’s life? The car and its technology failed to do that so the CAR is at FAULT! Not the human!

  5. The pedestrian carries the whole responsibility for their death. Why slo-mo jaywalk a street with total disregard of all the legal and basic risk rules? Now as to uber, yes the car technically failed but without any responsibility of the death. The failure is that the car didn’t react as it was supposed/designed to react. Could this failure be indicative of other potential failures that would surface in very specific scenarios? I suspect that there are more scenarios where other failures would manifest themselves given certain conditions and circumstances.

  6. Question: Does a Manual exist stating what the role for the assistant driver behind the wheel is as a PILOT? Does He receive any instructions or Certifications for this Project? Does TESTING mean Professional Skills are needed to be part of this Colossal Invention? UBER saves thousands of dollars by not paying a professional Test Pilot; it is Cheaper to pay an ex-convict! It would be better to just use a DUMMY DOLL. ADOT FAIL to apply the Law

  7. a real person driving the car wouldn't have been able to avoid the collision as she just appeared out of the darkness with 1/2 second before impact (R.I.P.)

    but yes, when i first saw this video a week or two ago, i immediately understood that the sensors should have detected her, but the system failed. even though she might have been jaywalking, i hope her family will at the very least be compensated for this horrible tragedy.

    obviously, self-driving cars are no where close to being ready and they should not be allowed to test the systems on public roads.

  8. If i was driving the car i would also run her over, you have to be super stupid to jaywalk like that and not be aware of your enviorment, eyes and ears must be scuffed

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